Ad Tracking, The Fruit of the Site Promotion Labor

Thanks for coming down. Today I would like to talk to you about a very powerful tool which is known to most internet marketers as an ad tracker. Ad tracking is one of the most useful products because it enables its user to keep track of where their visitors are coming from both on the internet and physical location. The ability to know what time of day your visitors are coming to your site is valuable because you can put out different promotions during peak traffic times throughout the day. If you can target your visitors to a particular time of day and have a different promotion per time, I would consider you a talented marketer and/or web master.

It is also important to track your advertisements because it can help qualify your targeted traffic by making sure it’s coming from particular countries you might be selling your product to and/or sites with related content. By being able to track visitors IP addresses you will detect usually their home country,state and/or city. You can qualify traffic this way by removing countries that are not on your sales preferred locations. There is also the referring website feature which tells you where your visitor came from prior to visiting your site. This would enable you to keep track of your back links and or abstract advertising that may not be compatible with your website anymore.

For example, you can go to the website that your visitor came from to see which link they clicked on back to your site. If your link ends up on a site that does not have anything to do with your own website content you might as well drop that ad and reinvest that money to an ad on a site that is related to yours. this is because you can better qualify the traffic if it is coming from a site that has content related to your. Targeted traffic is good but qualified and targeted traffic is better. The more qualified the visitor the more likely that visitor may become a buyer. The first thing to do to qualify your visitors is track your advertising.

It is interesting that the targeting of traffic could get more in-depth through social media because we are now able to qualify traffic per the user’s name. In addition information that these users provide such as yearly income, family size, education, work experience, ability and more can be used to promote products particular to the users needs, wants, and desires. It is becoming easier to generate very qualified traffic through social media and article marketing so it is very important that you track where these visitors are coming from so you can see the fruits of your labor.

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